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AVDS, the most advanced, highest-performing HD audio/video distribution system for aircraft is available today!


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AVDS Network
Uncompromised Video Quality
  • No compression
  • No loss
  • No artifacts
  • Hi-Def End-to-End


Fiber Optic Redundant Ring Network

  • Less wiring
  • Less weight
  • Fault tolerant


Gigabit Ethernet too!

It’s easy to see why a distributed network topology is superior to a point-to-point star topology. AVDS offers less cable, less weight, less mess. AVDS is the only system that uses a distributed network topology without compromising on signal quality by compressing. AVDS routes signals at their full uncompressed bandwidth (up to 3Gbps per signal) meaning you get the very best possible quality. No latencies means those video games and presentations are now welcome on the network!

The AVDS redundant ring architecture provides unparalleled fault tolerance. The fiber backbone reduces weight and is not susceptible to EMI noise induction or ground loops. Now you can watch that Blu-Ray movie with uncompromised clarity!

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